No more BLOCKS!

"I want to have confidence in myself! "

"I want to free myself from my anxiety! "

"I have trouble sleeping..."

"I have eating disorders that are ruining my life!"


These phrases are a short extract from the problems with which the people I accompany come. More commonly known as an "expert in mental re-programming", I use an exclusive method to modify the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs of those who want to (re)find a pleasant, serene life and improve their quality of life.


Like a physiotherapist who has become hyper-sensitive to touch in order to detect blockages in your body, I have developed skills and emotional hyper-sensitivity that enable me to discover, with you, the unconscious cause of your blockage, as well as the specific solution to it.

There's no generic protocol: together, we'll discover the solution that will free you from the malaise and emotional burden that are preventing you from achieving your life, personal, professional or even health goals. 


Mental re-programming or intuitive coaching is related to a so-called brief therapy. In a single session or over the course of 3 months, it is a comprehensive approach to change and healing whose effectiveness is demonstrated by the many testimonials from people who have seen their lives change considerably after just one session (see below)


Franck Lopvet.


My name is DANGLA Julien, and I'm an expert in mental re-programming. I've created a unique coaching method for people who want to change their reality. A reality in which their thoughts, beliefs and fears are causing them to feel a permanent malaise from which they have been unable to escape for several years.


"Staying in the discomfort of your own wounds, sadness and fears is a choice! It's a phrase that has resonated with me for many years, and one that led me to dedicate my professional life to helping all those who want to get to know themselves better, but also to change by healing an often peculiar past...


Since 2009, I've been working in the health and well-being sector as a sports educator. It was after I created ONE Coaching Studio®, a sports coaching concept based on short, effective sessions, which was acclaimed by an investment fund, and seven years of coaching several hundred people, that I realized the limits of physical well-being alone for my customers. 


This observation prompted me to train as a life coach, and very quickly as an Intuitive Coach, in order to treat not only the body but also the mind. 


My experience in all spheres of physical, mental and emotional well-being enables me to accompany anyone who wants to evolve quickly, to heal the deep emotional wounds that still govern their daily lives, and to finally regain stability, serenity and control in their lives.

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